DiggityDog Digest #14

Welcome to the year of the DOG!

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Diet, Health & Research

Veterinary Laser Skeptics—See the Light – Find out why veterinary sports medicine and rehab specialist Dr. Matthew Brunke became a believer.

Local Duo Help Study That Combats Cancer in Canines – Three-thousand golden retrievers are stepping up to help find a cure for cancer — in dogs and possibly humans.

Treatment for Dogs Alleviates Fear of Noisy Fireworks – Many dogs suffer anxiety and fear from the loud bangs and explosions of firework displays. A new study shows how a medicinal treatment can help alleviate common fear behaviors, such as trembling and whining.

Human Health Benefits & Companionship

Hotel Concierge Sends Puppy via Room Service, if You Want to Snuggle – This hotel’s room service doesn’t just include delivering warm meals to your door – they can also bring you a puppy companion for snuggling.

In Uganda, Dogs Comfort Victims of War – Dogs are mainly used for hunting in Uganda, with a few people warming up to the idea of owning dogs at home, mostly for security. But Okello began collecting street dogs, which were handed over to guardians with training in dog handling.

Dogs May Protect Against Childhood Eczema and Asthma – Although eczema is commonly found in infants, many people don’t know there is a progression from eczema to food allergies to nasal allergies and asthma.


2018 Dog Preview – An insider’s look at dogs in the new year when it comes to dog behavior, cognition, and welfare science.

Training Takes Practice and Patience – No matter what your training goals are as you begin again, focusing on adhering to some core principles of dog training should help you start this year’s dog walks on the right foot.

Spokane Woman Trains Dogs in Fight Against Poaching in Africa – Wagemann, an American Society of Canine Trainers instructor, will continue her coaching of six Tanzanian handlers in charge of the dogs in their fight against the country’s poaching epidemic.

Dogs Mouth-Lick to Communicate with Angry Humans – Animal behavior researchers in the UK and Brazil have found that dogs lick their mouths as a response to angry human faces.

Tails of Interest

NYPD Dogs Feel the Bite of Near-Record NYE Temps – Not everyone froze their tail off in Times Square by choice.

Animal Planet Starts ‘Dog Bowl,’ A New Breed of Football Game – Fourteen years after Puppy Bowl made football fans of even the most apathetic sports viewers, Animal Planet is spinning off its cuddly game-day event into The Dog Bowl, a one-hour special airing Feb. 3 (8 ET/5 PT) that turns the spotlight on older canines in need of “furever” homes.

Celebrities Who Adopted Dogs in 2017 – When it comes to finding love in a furry friend, celebrities are just like Us. 2017 was a memorable year for adoptable pups who were lucky to find their forever homes while helping to raise awareness about shelter animals.

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