DiggityDog Digest #13

Diet, Health & Research

Joint Supplement Shows Promise in Managing Cranial Cruciate Ligament Rupture – A new class of joint supplements with anti-inflammatory activity may change the way cranial crucial ligament rupture is managed in veterinary medicine.

Dog Diarrhea — At-Home Treatment and When to See a Vet – Find out about common dog diarrhea causes and treatments, plus if and when you should see a vet about dog diarrhea.

Brain Scans Show Dogs Learn When Sleeping—Just Like People – Dog owners often wonder what—if anything—is going on when their pooches are sleeping. It turns out they may be learning, according to a new study.

Pet Insurance for Dogs — Should You Have It? – What is it, should you get it, how much is it, does insurance cost more for purebred dogs and what does it cover?

Should You Avoid Grains in Dog Food? – Are grains in dog food ever okay to feed your dog? What to know to make an educated decision that’s right for your dog.

Human Health Benefits & Companionship

Inside the Minds of Very Good DogsBook Review: Two new books—one a methodical scientific account and one a freewheeling memoir—attempt to make sense of the canine brain.

Dogs Lend Ear to Raise Reading Levels – Young students reading to dogs has positive effect on reading level and comprehension, canine companions change kids’ attitudes, making them less nervous and offering an incentive for the practice.

Dogs and People Have More In Common than You Might Think – The bond between humans and dogs isn’t just psychological or the common love of bacon. It’s also genetic.

Dogs Offer New Hope For Lymphoma Research – New research to improve the effectiveness of promising new treatments using immunotherapies – a class of therapies that use the body’s immune system to fight cancer without nasty side effects – could prove mutually beneficial to both dogs and people.

Successful Treatment of Canine Brain Tumor Offers Hope to Humans – Patient of Bush Veterinary Neurology Service shows remarkable response to glioma treatment as part of NIH-funded clinical trial

Paid Leave When Your Dog Is Sick? Sì, Italian Employer Says   – In what a pet advocacy group called a groundbreaking decision, the woman’s employer gave the woman leave to care for her sick 12-year-old English setter.

Human Attention Affects Facial Expressions In Domestic Dogs – Using established systems for identifying facial and behavioral expressions in dogs, the researchers determined that dogs were more demonstrative when the human was facing the dog.

Behavior & Training

How Domestication Ruined Dogs’ Pack Instincts – Wolves dramatically outperform pooches at a task that requires them to work together.

What Is Positive Punishment in Dog Training? – Everything you need to know about the use of positive punishment in dog training.

Teach Your Dog to Choose Things – How to play “You Choose” with your dog, giving him the opportunity and skills to make decisions.

Tails of Interest

Meet Zeus and Valentine, Two Dogs Who Survived 5 Months Adrift in the Pacific Oceans – How did two women and their dogs survive for so long without access to fresh water?

Loyal Canine Companion Stays with Lost Boy – A thermal vision video shows the stark image of 2-year-old Mason who was lost, along with his English springer spaniel.

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