It’s like a visit to Grammy’s house. Leave your precious pooch with a friend who loves all creatures great and small, long walks on the beach, and strolls in the park. Lots of doggie socialization, or not if your companion is a little shy, or aloof.

I have a very comfortable, relaxed, dog friendly home in the outer Sunset area of San Francisco, close to the beach and Golden Gate Park (I know all the best dog friendly places). Every afternoon we go to Stern Grove for our daily dose of socialization, both human and canine. This is a great park for off leash excitement, lots of dogs, lots of squirrels, and a lake to walk around. In the early mornings, depending on mood and wind velocity, we either go to Ft. Funston or Stow Lake.

I work part time from home so our guests would never feel abandon. There’s a mailman to bark at in the afternoons, and passing pooches to acknowledge. There’s a nice big back yard to romp around in and plenty of treats to keep our guests happy.

Meet my housemates:

Lilly & Ollie
Lilly & Ollie

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