DiggityDog Digest #12

Diet, Health & Research

Unraveling the Genetics of Disc Disease in Dogs – University of California, Davis, researchers reveal the discovery of a genetic mutation across breeds that is responsible for this skeletal disorder.

Obesity in Pets – A Serious Problem – The obesity epidemic in America is not only affecting people, it is affecting our pets as well. Often owners don’t know it until they take their pet to the veterinarian.

Petco Officially Enters the Veterinary Hospital Ring with Thrive – 12 locations to open among California, Colorado, and Texas by January 2018.

Human Health Benefits & Companionship

Meet the Couple Who Never Leave Home without Their Abseiling Dogs – “When you live in a vehicle with your dogs, they stop being regular house pets and really become the co-pilots of your life.”

Dogs Synchronize Body Movements with Humans – Behavioral “synchronization” is a mechanism by which we build social cohesion.

In Yaphank Jail Program, Inmates Train Shelter Dogs – Handcuffs to Healing is a pilot program that teaches inmates how to train dogs and aims to make shelter dogs more adoptable.

There’s a Game for Every Human/Dog Team – Most dogs would like nothing more than to get involved in a project involving their beloved human.

Behavior & Training

Help, My Dog Growled at Me – Advice on what to do when your dog growls at you out of discomfort or a need for space.

Using a Crate, Gate or Tether to Prevent Dog Problems & Crate Training Your DogThese instructions may help to prevent your dog from destroying your home, becoming fearful or aggressive, barking or hyper behavior.

Tails of Interest

Canine Companionship and Multiple Sclerosis – An avid dog lover and very involved in volunteering with the golden retriever rescue in Southern California, Jennifer Powell shares adventures with her dog Abby.

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