DiggityDog Digest #11

Diet, Health & Research

How To Do An At Home Physical Exam – Dr. Roth shows how to do a nose to tail exam and what clues to look for that might mean your pet needs to visit a vet.

Dogs and Carbs Are Not a Good Recipe – Pet foods were developed to serve the needs of the food industry, not the nutritional needs of the animals.

Dewclaws – Your dog’s front paw’s dewclaws don’t actually touch the ground, so what purpose does the dewclaw serve?

10 Ways to Make Your Old Dog Comfortable – Help ensure that your dog’s “golden years” are happy and healthy.

Human Health Benefits & Companionship

Pets Could Help Find The Next Cancer Therapy For Humans – The field of comparative medicine — using animals to better understand and treat human disease — is not new, what’s different is that veterinarians are now conducting rigorous clinical trials with hope they might benefit humans as well as the family pet.

Secret of connection between dogs and humans could be genetic – Scientists say they have found a handful of genes that appear to be linked to the tendency for dogs to seek human help and contact.

Dogs’ Social Skills Linked To Oxytocin Sensitivity – During their domestication from their wild ancestor the wolf to the pets we have today, dogs have developed a unique ability to work together with humans

Behavior & Training

The Hormone That Could Be Making Your Dog Aggressive Discovered – Better understanding the biology behind canine aggression could help with the development of interventions.

Change Up Your Dog’s Exercise Routine – Does your dog play all day but never seems to get tired? Is she really fit enough for one of those long weekend hikes, or is she out for two days after?

Why Do Dogs Love to Dig? – What exactly is behind your dog’s drive to turn every soft surface he or she sees into an excavation site?

Teach Your Dog to Choose Things – How to play “You Choose” with your dog, giving him the opportunity and skills to make decisions.

Tails of Interest

Did Dog-Human Alliance Drive Out the Neanderthals? – With the help of wolf dogs, early humans out-hunted—and outlasted—Neanderthals.

The Dogs of the Vietnam War – In Vietnam, American forces used dogs for everything from base security to detecting ambushes to hunting down fleeing enemy units.

What A Nose! Trained Dogs Sniff Out Pioneer Era Graves – Some very special search dogs have been getting a workout in the Northwest. They’re trained to sniff out the remains of people buried as long as 9,000 years ago.

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