DiggityDog Digest #5

Diet, Health & Research

VCA Animal Hospitals and Zoetis Partner on a Successful Clinical Study on New-to-Market Clavamox® Chewable Antibiotic Tablets – The study was conducted across VCA’s national network of hospitals in accordance with a protocol approved by FDA’s Center for Veterinary Medicine for a chewable version of an incredibly important, and previously approved, veterinary antibiotic.

Anti-Vaxxers’ Next Victims? Dogs – Rabies is, for all intents and purposes, 100 percent fatal for humans. And yet fears of autism appear to be behind the latest anti-vaccination craze targeting dogs.

Human Health Benefits & Companionship

Kids And Service Dogs Learn Together At Segerstrom’s Music And Dance School – After the opening of Segerstrom’s School of Dance and Music for Children with Disabilities in the spring, pups in training with Canine Companions began to come in once per session to greet the students at the beginning of class and see them off once class ends.

Blue Dogs Roaming India Lead To Discovery Of Chemical Firm’s River Contamination – Images of dogs and birds that had turned blue as they roamed an industrial area of India prompted an investigation that has caught a company in the act of releasing untreated waste.

Behavior & Training

Does “Tough Love” Produce Better Working Dogs? – A new study looks at how a canine mother’s behavior can affect the problem-solving and independence behaviors of her litter.

Florida-Based Inventors Make Zencrate For Anxious Dogs – The motion sensors activate a speaker which plays soothing music the inventors say comforts dogs. They’re working with researchers to find music that soothes specific breeds. And crate owners will be able to get music updates sent right to the crate.

Tails of Interest

Can Dogs Smell Their ‘Reflections’? – Dogs see just fine, but they mainly live in a world of smell. If you want to know if they have a concept of self, it makes little sense to confront them with a mirror. You need to work in their world. A world of chemicals drifting through the air. A world that’s hard for us to imagine.

Sniffing the Past of human-canine history in New York, Paris and London – The Sniffing the Past app, which can be downloaded for Android and Apple devices, pinpoints often hidden locations of human-canine history in each of these global cities and even allows users to upload their own images and points of interest to share.

Will a Trip to Veterinary Office Come With Glass of Wine? – The Wine Country Veterinary Hospital in Windsor lives up to its name in the details — its logo features a grapevine, wine bottles hang on the office wall and a small wooden sign to the right of the front desk reads “I just want to drink wine and pet my dog.”

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