DiggityDog Digest #4

Diet, Health & Research

Collaboration Between Pet Owners, Vets and Researchers Helps Dogs and Children with A Rare and Severe Epilepsy The research has identified the progression of Lafora disease, a devastating form of epilepsy which affects up to 50 young children worldwide. Lafora’s disease also affects dogs and the examination of affected canines will help develop effective treatment which can be used to treat children with the illness.

Dogs, Cats and Climate Change: What’s Your Pet’s Carbon Paw Print? – Scientists remain divided about the role our pets play in global warming.

7 Sneaky Ways to Clean Your Dog’s Teeth (That They Won’t HATE!) – Since doggy dentures aren’t a thing, keeping your pup’s teeth clean and gums healthy is crucial for their overall health and well-being.

Canine Atopic Dermatitis Treatment Market Forecasted for Accelerated Growth by 2024 – The main factor that is driving the canine atopic dermatitis treatment market is the increasing prevalence of the canine atopic dermatitis across all the regions.

Human Health Benefits & Companionship

From Hospitals to Airports — How Dogs Are Helping People and Saving Lives – The ways dogs have helped people maintain their independence while providing humans with healing support are incredible, but we are learning that dogs are capable of so much more.

Companionship with Dogs Has Many Health Benefits for Humans – Dogs have a way of softening even the toughest of times. It’s plain as the wet nose on a dog’s muzzle that dogs have worked hard to earn sidekick status.

Dog Owners More Likely To Exercise Regularly – Jones and colleagues analyzed data collected as part of a large study of community-dwelling adults ages 40 to 79.

The Sad Truth about Guide Dogs Will Make You Love Them MoreTraining is hard: Puppies get basic obedience training and then another year or so of specialized guide-dog schooling before being paired with an owner.

Behavior & Training

Dogs and Pigs Get Bored, Too – Think about the last time you were bored — seriously and persistently bored.

Part I: Is This Dog Dangerous? Shelters Struggle With Live-or-Die TestsBacon, a cream-colored retriever mix, took a behavior test recently at an animal shelter here. He flunked.

Part II: The Test Was ‘Bogus’: Readers Debate Live-or-Die Tests for Dogs

Why Dogs Kick Grass After Going To The Bathroom & How To Save Your Yard

Human Health Benefits & CompanionshipBoth male and female dogs have been caught doing the “potty dance” after doing their business.

5 Signs Your Dog Is Lonely – Dogs are highly social pack animals who generally would rather not spend much time alone.

Don’t Pet That Puppy! And Don’t Pretend It’s a Service Animal, Either – While it may seem harmless to lavish affection on a dog, when an owner is teaching him to not jump on people, the last thing the pet needs is an enthusiastic stranger.

 Tails of Interest

Stray Dog Who Waited 6 Months for Flight Attendant’s Return Finally Gets to Go Home with HerWhen Olivia Sievers, a flight attendant from Germany, showed this street pup a little affection, he never forgot.

America Is Running Out of Bomb-Sniffing DogsWith terrorists increasingly attacking so-called soft targets, the demand for detection dogs that can sweep large areas for explosives has soared.

Veterans, Actors and Sniffers: 10 Jobs That Dogs DoDogs serve alongside soldiers in the military and next to officers on police forces across the globe. Other work is more subdued: Dogs prance at kennel shows and act on the big and small screen.

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