DiggityDog Digest #1

Diet, Health & Research

Insomnia in Senior Dogs Canine Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome (CCDS) is often first noted by owners as unusual behavioral changes.

Dementia in Senior Dogs Simple guidelines for understanding key behavior shifts.

Caring for Senior Dogs The proper combination of attention and preventative care can help extend the lives of dogs, just as modern medicine has extended the life of humans.

Best Senior Dog Food: Key Ingredients to Look For What makes a dog a senior citizen? It can vary based on breed or size.

Pets on Pot: Cannabis for animals More and more pet owners are turning to cannabis-based products to help their animals with anxiety, arthritis, and other ailments.

Dog Food Calculator helps you estimate the proper serving size for your pet pal.

Behavior & Training

Conniving Behavior Discovered in Dogs  Dogs demonstrate deception in new study, deliberately leading humans who withheld treats astray

The Power of Positive Training Works The current science on animal learning tells us that positive reinforcement is the most effective method of creating long-term behavior change.

Tails of Interest

American rescue dogs are helping fight poaching in Africa The dogs are considered 40 times more effective than trail cameras and hair snares

Canine shelter takes on Tehran stray dog problem humanely On a cold winter morning in the Iranian capital recently, a homeless dog lay basking in the sun’s rays for warmth. Suddenly, the canine moaned – it had been shot with an anesthetic dart from a blowpipe.

Dog-loving chef’s cookbook is bone appetit Beth Schofield spent $5,000 on medical tests and diagnostic procedures before a friend suggested food allergies might be at fault.

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